My traditional shaving scuttle collection

Shaving scuttle collection on top of bookcase, where it lives
Shaving scuttles see the light of day

Well here are most of them in all their glory, just under 50 traditional wet shaving scuttles (in England there are often called shaving mugs). And the funny thing is that I don’t want them, well at least not most of them. They were bought at a time of great enthusiasm, but I don’t use them because for me face lathering works best. So they are up for grabs, preferably as swaps for something I would like and use.

Shaving scuttles right hand view
Shaving scuttles left hand view

They are are English china (with the odd exception) without major chips or cracks. But these are used, vintage items and their condition may reflect this

Shaving scuttles overhead view
A closer view of a few selected shaving scuttles


  1. Hi Bruce,
    Just a quick enquiry, if you are still wanting rid of some of your scuttles i am interested. Havnt really got anything to swap, but if you interested in geting rid im here

  2. I would be interested in a traditional scuttle with a brush holder. What are you interested in for trade?

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