Girls shaving on the front cover of magazines

This all started with the photograph of Italian actress Virna Lisi on the front of the March 1965 issue of Esquire magazine, conceived by George Lois as a comment on women’s liberation. It has been widely imitated ever since, by Esquire themselves and by others.

Here is the Virna Lisi original (note she is using a Gillette Super Speed flare tip, a proper razor):

Virna Lisi shaving. Esquire magazine front cover. March 1965

Here is a re-creation with Jessica Simpson, American singer and actress, also using a proper double edged (DE) safety razor:

Jessica Simpson shaving. Esquire front cover. May 2008

And they have done it with their editions around the world. Here is Hong Kong singer and actress Fan Bing Bing, once again using a proper DE razor:

Fan Bing Bing shaving, Esquire front cover. August 2009

Polish singer Maryla Rodowicz also used a DE razor on the front cover of Machina in June 2008. They even made a video of the photo shoot:

Maryla Rodowicz shaving. Machina. June 2008.

Anna Mucha (Ania Maria Mucha), an actress who was in Schindler’s List, is also Polish, here she uses a cut throat razor:

Anna Mucha shaving.

Myleene Klass, British singer, model and TV presenter, shaved (yes, with a DE) for the front cover of the News of the World’s Fabulous magazine in October 2009:

Myleene Klass shaving. Fabulous. October 2009.

Another using a cut-throat is Greek actress and 1984 Miss World contestant, Vana Barba (real name Vasiliki Barba), here featuring in Athens magazine in her native Greece:

Vana Barba shaving. Athens Magazine. March 2010.

Finally here is French actress and singer Nora Arnezeder using a Muhle R41 razor on the front cover of Be magazine:

Nora Arnezeder shaving. Be magazine.

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