My razor blade stash

Razor Blade Stash

With the constant background threat of a shavepocalypse and the huge economy of buying in bulk most traditional shavers have several years supply of razor blades stashed away. The same here, so I thought I would go and count them to see how much really was in the draw (they take up surprisingly little room). This is not boasting, these blades are pretty cheap (except for the Personna 74s). Also this is not the totality of the stash, there is a pile more in the bathroom cabinet for medium term usage and also for the blade brands that are in smaller quantities. So this list is the strategic reserve. Also the numbers are not exactly exact, there might be a few more or less.

100  Gillette Bleue Extra (St Petersburg)
100+ Feather Hi-Stainless from Japan
300+ Iridium Super (St Petersburg)
75 Gillette 7 0’Clock Sharp Edge yellows (St Petersburg)
75 Astra Superior Platinums (St Petersburg)
70 Rapira Super Stainless (Russian, from Moscow)
50 Treet Dura Sharp carbon steel blades (from Pakistan)
50 Personna 74s. A piece of history.
100 Gillette Platinums, in the blue boxes (St Petersburg)
300 Shark Super Stainless from Egypt
200 Super-Max Super Stainless
100 Derby Extra (in the horizontal packaging)
50 KAI from Japan

So about 1,500 blades in all, or 15 years supply. Is this enough or too much? One thing is for sure and that is that the supply chain empties very quickly indeed when there is a panic. All the world’s Iridiums sold out in a day when the rumour spread that they were discontinued. And I don’t have to use all these blades, they come in very handy to give to friends who are coming over from the dark side or for using in trades. When good blades have been discontinued in the past their value has rocketed.


  1. WOW! Bruce that is a heck of a collection. How do those Russian Rapira’s shave and the Gillette Platniums? Have you heard any further news regarding cancellations of DE product lines?

  2. Not sure why I have this obsession to keep buying blades. Fortunately I ordered a couple hundred Iridiums and 400 Astra blades before the blade panic. I have a nice looking blade drawer with a variety of over 20 different blades. Almost reminds me of stamp collecting in my youth. I enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt anyone to collect these blades. And as you mentioned Bruce I pif quite a few to other guys to help them develop their DE experience.

  3. Awesome collection. Really envy the Personna 74s! 50 of them! I am trying to get my hand on a 5 pack to try them.

  4. I have recently purchased a 100 pack of iridium blades from bullgoose shaving,so they appear to have returned to the market

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