Goatee Saver

Well really I am going to need to set up a humour category on here. These guys really cannot be serious. You can leave the device on after you shave […]

In an earlier article I told you about an attempt to build the ultimate razor blade, with the Personna 74, which lasted ten times as long as a normal razor […]

Chinese razors

China has a population of 1,324,655,000, so there are very roughly¬† 500 million men of shaving age. And an extremely popular means of shaving seems to be traditional double edged […]

If you are into real, traditional shaving and hang around the interweb you are eventually going to come upon this. I have no need to explain it myself as Mantic59 […]

Simpson's shaving brushes #2

I have said before on here that one of the joys of real shaving is that we are all different, real shaving offers infinite variety in its various elements so […]

This excellent humorous video really has a go at the big global shaving companies and their marketing strategy. But their propaganda works, tens of millions of people are taken in […]

Simpson's shaving brushes #1

Simpson’s shaving brushes are amongst the finest in the world, possibly the finest. And today they are one of the very few traditional British shaving brushes actually made in these […]