Flying Eagle safety razors

When it comes to traditional shaving I have a fair bit of kit, however it is far less than many others own and I am a user of this stuff […]

Storing your razors

Many people who are into real, traditional shaving own several razors. This is understandable, razors are like cars with each make and model having its own personality and characteristics. In […]

The Eclipse Red Ring razor

When people look for vintage razors to put to daily use today they mostly think of Gillette, who manufactured very large numbers of well engineered razors which, with care, have […]

How iKon Razors Got Started

I have written on here before about iKon razors, they have a good reputation both for product quality and for the good shave that they give. So I asked Greg […]

How many Mohs does your razor have?

Friedrich Mohs, a German mineralogist, invented his eponymous scale of hardness in 1812. It compares substances by their ability to scratch each other, with diamond at the top with a […]